Sunday, May 6, 2007

Listed Buildings

Apparently not too many years ago a man from the council, with a clipboard, came around and started listing buildings. This is a complete list of all the buildings in our community council area.

Listed Grade A
Cranshaws Castle including sundial, covered cell and garden wall
Cranshaws Church including graveyard, gate piers and gates
Longformacus House including ancillary structures, courtyard gate piers, quadrant wall, aailings, gate piers and gates and the dovecot

Listed Grade B
Cranshaws Farm, gateway to stable
Cranshaws Schoolhouse including boundary wall and gate piers
Ellemford Bridge
Ellem Lodge including boundary wall, gate piers and gates
Kettleshiel Farm including Farmhouse, former cattle court, garden wall, ancillary structures and boundary wall
Longformacus Church (Church Of Scotland) including lamp stand, graveyard and boundary wall
Longformacus House, walled garden including greenhouse, sundials, piers, stair and gates
Smiddyhill Bridge
Whitchester House, main entrance including quadrant wall, railings, piers, gate piers, gates and turning point
Whitchester House, walled garden including Stair, gate piers and gate, greenhouses, Outer wall and gate piers
Whitchester Lodge and west gate

Listed Grade C
Achray Cottage, Longformacus
Broombank, Cranshaws
Byrecleuch, former Beater's Cottage, originally associated with old shooting lodge
Caldra Farmhouse including garden wall
Craigie Lodge including ancillary structures, boundary wall and gates
Cranshaws Farmhouse including sundial
Cranshaws Manse including outbuildings and garden wall, boundary wall, gate piers and gates
Ellemhaugh Smithy including house, ancillary structure (former hen house, byre and stable) and former smithy
Horseupcleuch Farmhouse including boundary wall
Horseupcleuch Farm steading including former millhouse, former farmhouse and Shepherd's Cottage
The Lodge, Longformacus House
Longformacus Bridge
The Millhouse including garden wall, gate piers and gates
Redpath Farmhouse including boundary wall
Riverside Cottage including boundary wall
1 The Row including cobbled pavement
4 The Row Longformacus including cobbled pavement
The Row, Longformacus Dye Neuk including cobbled pavement
5 The Row Longformacus including cobbled pavement
6 The Row Longformacus including cobbled pavement
12 The Row Longformacus including cobbled pavement
The Row, Longformacus The Honey House including cobbled pavement
13 The Row, Longformacus Gardener's Cottage including cobbled pavement
Woodside Cottage, Ellemford, including sundial

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