Sunday, May 6, 2007

1851 Surnames

This is a list of all the surnames of people resident in Cranshaws and Longformacus Parishes in 1851

Allan; Anderson; Atchison; Bell; Bertram; Black; Blackbell; Blythe; Bolton; Brockie; Brokie; Brown; Buckham; Burton; Cairns; Cameron; Chapman; Christison; Cormack; Cowe; Craig; Craik; Craise; Cribbs; Crosbie; Currie; Dale; Darling; Deans; Denholm; Dods; Dougherty; Douglas; Dudgeon; Duncan; Dunn; Edgar; Ferguson; Fitzsimmons; Fleming; Foggo; Forbes; Forsythe; Fortune; Gillie; Gray; Greive; Hall; Hamilton; Hastie; Henderson; Hislop; Hood; Houliston; Hyslop; Ingles; Johnston; Keddie; Kelly; Kilpatrick; King; Kirk; Knox; Laidlaw; Lauder; Laurence; Laurie; Lawson; Logan; Lowrie; Luke; Lunam; Mack; MacKay; Matthew; Mauchlin; McAdam; McLauchlen; McLiesh; McOrvel; Miller; Mitchel; Moffat; Moscrip; Nickel; Niel; Nisbet; Ovens; Owens; Paterson; Phin; Pringle; Purves; Ramsay; Rankin; Rathie; Redpath;Richardson; Robertson; Robinson; Rodger; Scott; Sibbald; Simpson; Sinclair; Skene; Sligo; Smeaton; Smith; Sommers; Spratt; Stobie; Storey; Swan; Tait; Thomson; Turner; Usher; Uterson; Virtue; Walterson; Wanless; Weir; Whitlaw; Wilson; Wood; Young

Many of these names can still be found in the area. John Craik, one of the more unusual surnames, has just cut down one of our trees.

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