Sunday, May 6, 2007

Cranshaws Kirk

When the old parish church of Cranshaws was built is unknown. The original Parish Church was located approximately two hundred yards from Cranshaws Tower. The first mention of the church was in 1275 when ‘Craneshaues’ Church was listed in Bagimond’s Roll. In 1296 Robert de Strivelin, the vicar of Cranshaws, swore the oath of fealty to Edward 1 at Berwick-upon-Tweed. A new church was eventually built in 1739 on the site of the present day church.

The ruin of the old kirk can just be seen behind the wall in the centre of the picture

The foundations of the old church can still be seen with one or two courses of masonry still in place. Although overgrown with surrounding shrubbery etc the gravestones at the Old Cranshaws Parish Church remain in a reasonable condition.

The eighteenth century kirk was not constructed very well and was in constant need of repair, but did manage to survive until 1899 when it was re-built to provide the current kirk.

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